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USA Car Hire

Our chosen vehicle rental partners in the USA are Alamo Rent a Car and National Rent A Car, with our preferred partner Flexible Autos. Together, Alamo and National have created one of the largest car rental group companies in North America. Both their fleets feature mainly GM vehicles including such well-known brands as Chevrolet, Pontiac, Dodge, Buick and Cadillac.

Call our friendly experienced team on 01403 755 122, or email: info@goldenholidays.co.uk   - we will be happy to assist you with your car hire requirements and offer advice on the best vehicle and rental plan for your needs.
Alternatively, click on the "Quick Link" to book car hire online.
Alamo has 324 locations across the USA which include on-airport depots at most main city airports as well as many popular downtown locations.
Pick up and drop off your vehicle within the state of Florida and California at no additional charge.
Pre-register online in advance and save the waiting at airports at busy times.
Car insurance in the USA is essential and it is important to ensure you are fully covered. At Golden Holidays we feel very strongly about ensuring that when our holidaymakers travel they are safe in the knowledge that they have good cover. Therefore our car hire always includes insurance, sales tax & state fees & taxes. We offer two plans, they both include full insurance cover but the GOLD cover allows you up to 4 named drivers (aged 25 or over) plus the initial tank of fuel is included.

From £143 per week
Includes: Unlimited Mileage, CDW, Sales Tax, State Tax, Airport Fees , Mechanical Assistance & 1 Driver.
Fuel Policy: A full tank of fuel is purchased by the customer at the time of rental and the vehicle can be returned empty. (There is no credit for unused fuel)

From £190 per week
Includes: Unlimited Mileage, CDW, Zero Sales Tax, State Tax, Airport Fees, Mechanical Assistance, Initial Tank of Fuel & 4 Drivers.
Fuel Policy: 1st Tank of Fuel Included.
There are no drop off fees for one-way rentals within Florida or California. Our reservations team can advise you of any one-way fees for any other USA regions.
Both our car plans (Fully Inclusive and Gold) include insurance, tax and state fees so there are no hidden extras! On arrival you may be offered additional insurance but this is purely optional and the insurance included within our plans is sufficient. Do not accept any additional insurance unless you are prepared to pay for it.

Vehicles are subject to an insurance excess in the event of damage of theft to the rental vehicle. From £4 per day you can pre-purchase an Excess Refund option to cover you for the following:
  • Windows
  • Tyres
  • Undercarriage
  • Roof
  • Key Replacement (up to £300)
  • Towing (up to £2000)
You will still need to pay for any charges relating to the items above, but will be able to claim these back from Flexible Autos - See "ADDITIONAL ITEMS" below for more information

You may also be offered a vehicle upgrade upon arrival, but do not accept an upgrade unless you are prepared to pay for it or are given something in writing to confirm that the upgrade is free of charge.

Only GOLD cover includes the first tank of fuel, if GOLD cover is not purchased then the 1st tank of fuel will be charged by the car provider.

Additional Drivers - ensure that you purchase the appropriate cover for your requirements. Fully Inclusive includes 1 driver, Gold cover includes up to 4 drivers. Any additional drivers not included within your cover will be charged for locally.

TOLL ROADS - It may be possible to purchase a toll pass when collecting your vehicle and this is optional.  If you will be travelling through toll roads on a regular basis this is worth taking out.  If you do not purchase a toll pass then you will need to pay at each point that you join a toll road.

Mechanical Assistance is included for all rentals, however if you require non-mechanical roadside assistance or help relating to damage to windows, tyres, undercarriage, roof, need replacement keys or towing these are subject to vehicle excess charges unless you purchase Roadside Plus (RP) or Roadside Protection (RSP) when you collect your vehicle.  Alternatively, if you have purchased the Refund Excess option, you are able to claim back these roadside assistance charges from Flexible Autos - see ADDITIONAL ITEMS below.

Always read your rental agreement before signing it and taking collection of your vehicle. Query any additional extra charges before you leave the depot, as by signing the rental agreement you are agreeing to pay for them. Alamo do offer a 24 hour cooling off period, so if you have agreed to additional charges on your rental agreement and reconsider, you are able to return to the depot within 24 hours of collecting your vehicle to cancel them.
The following items can be added to your vehicle rental at the time of booking - please ask our Reservations Team for full details:

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS - Our fully Inclusive plan includes 1 Driver and Gold Plan includes up to 4 Drivers. You are able to add additional drivers for an additional fee - contact our Reservations Team for full details. * Please note that all drivers must hold a valid credit card and full UK license.

GPS RENTALS- Why not pre-book a Sat Nav for the duration of your holiday and save the worry of having to read road maps to find your destination. Rentals are available (for all vehicle types)at a supplement from £37 per week or £8 per additional days.

YOUNG DRIVERS - Our prices are based on drivers aged 25 and above, however for a supplement young drivers aged 21-24 are also able to rent car hire with us. Contact our Reservations Team for full details.

EXCESS REFUND OPTION - All customers will be required to leave a credit card with sufficient funds for a pre- authorisation to cover the vehicle excess. The amount of the excess will depend on vehicle size and supplier. If your car is damaged or stolen the local supplier will deduct part or all of this excess deposit. However, you will be able to reclaim the damage excess if you have purchased Flexible Auto's Excess Refund option by sending them the police report and damage report provided by the supplier - provided the damage is not listed in their Exclusions. In these circumstances, your liability to pay for the excess will not be waived and you may be liable for the full cost of any damage up to and exceeding the excess. even if you have purchased the Flexible Car Hire Excess Refund option you will still be required to leave a credit card pre-authorisation for the excess amount with the local supplier.

By purchasing the Excess Refund option, you will be able to claim back charges for the following, provided the circumstances are not included within Flexible Auto's Exclusions:
  • Windows
  • Tyres
  • Undercarriage
  • Roof
  • Key Replacement (up to £300)
  • Towing (up to £2000)
Excess Refund - Exclusions

• Where any rental vehicle has been driven off-road, on un-tarmacked roads, without due care and attention or negligently
• Where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Where the driver(s) is not been named on the rental agreement
• When damage is caused by the rental vehicle being towed away by any unauthorised third party
• Traffic and Parking fines & admin fee’s relating to these charges.
• Where the car is stolen due to negligence e.g. keys left in the car.
• Not available on prestige car hire.

In the event that you have a claim, you can submit your claim by telephoning +44 (0) 844 477 9255 or email claims@flexiblecarhire.com (9am-5pm Mon-Fri).

Successful claims will be paid within 28 days of receipt. (Please note that claims involving third parties can take up to 90 days to resolve)
Remember to include your luggage when deciding which vehicle suits your needs - when you collect your car from the depot, both the number of passengers and number of bags should be within the guidelines below:
  • ECONOMY 2 DOOR: ECAR - Mitsubishi Mirage or Similar (4 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • ECONOMY 4 DOOR: EDAR - Mitsubishi Mirage or Similar (4 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • COMPACT 2 DOOR: CCAR - Nissan Versa or Similar (5 Passengers/1 Luggage)
  • COMPACT 4 DOOR: CDAR - Nissan Versa or Similar (5 Passengers/1 Luggage)
  • INTERMEDIATE 2 DOOR: ICAR - Hyundai Elantra or Similar (5 Passengers/1 Luggage)
  • INTERMEDIATE 4 DOOR: IDAR - Hyundai Elantra or Similar (5 Passengers/1 Luggage)
  • STANDARD 4 DOOR: SCAR - Buick Verano or Similar (5 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • FULL SIZE 4 DOOR: FCAR - Nissan Altima or Similar (5 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • INTERMEDIATE SUV: IFAR - Nissan Rogue or Similar (5 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • STANDARD SUV: SFAR - Hyundai Santa Fe or Similar (5 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • STANDARD CONVERTIBLE: STAR - Mustang Convertible or Similar (4 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • PREMIUM 4 DOOR: PDAR - Nissan Maxima or Similar (5 Passengers/4 Luggage)
  • 7 SEATER MINIVAN: MVAR - Dodge G Caravan or Similar (7 Passengers/3 Luggage)
  • LUXURY 4 DOOR: LDAR - Cadillac Xts or Similar (5 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • FULL SIZE SUV: FFAR - Chevy Tahoe or Similar (7 Passengers/3 Luggage)
  • 8 SEATER MINIVAN: SVAR - Toyota Sienna or Similar (8 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • 15 SEATER FULL SIZE VAN: FVAR - Ford Transit or Similar (15 Passengers/2 Luggage)
  • PREMIUM SUV: PFAR - Chevy Suburban or Similar (8 Passengers/3 Luggage)
  • LUXURY SUV: LFAR - Lincoln Navigator or Similar (7 Passengers/3 Luggage)

Other vehicle types may be available dependent on location.


Once you have received your car hire voucher from Golden Holidays you can speed up your rental with Alamo's SaveTime process. Simply click here and login in using your Alamo reference number and name details (**You must use your ALAMO Reference, which is the supplier reference shown on your voucher, and the name details MUST be exactly the same as shown on your voucher), then provide your driver details online to save time at the rental desk.
The SaveTime process requires you to provide the following driver details:

  • Driving Licence number, expiry date and country of issue
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Date of birth
You can also update your flight details and frequent flyer information and choose optional extras such as additional drivers, GPS units and child seats, saving you even more time!
**Once you have completed SaveTime online no changes can be made to your car hire reservation.  Alamo SaveTime and its website is a service provided directly by Alamo, Golden Holidays are unable to access or amend any details that have been completed by passengers on the Alamo SaveTime website.**

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